Comprehensive Online

Payroll System Bureau

EasyPayroll, in conjunction with GBS & Co. is a payroll outsourcing team who provide a fully functioned payroll service to companies operating in the republic of Ireland. A full range of service, completely tailored to your specific needs is provided by a compressive team of dedicated professional payroll staff. We cater for companies of all sizes and provide detailed reporting, clear price structure, with the aim of helping reduce the overall cost of your payroll bureau.

  • Multifunctional payroll periods
    (weekly, fortnightly, monthly,
    or any other period to
    suite your needs).

  • Access to online digital
    documents via client log-in
    facility to ensure you have
    access to historical payslips
    and other related docu-
    ments at any time.

  • Your or Your Staff Can Access
    Payroll Information via Email,
    On Their Phone and On Any
    Mobile Device. And also have
    access to a dedicated payroll
    specialist when support
    is needed.